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Security and privacy


According to Canadian law, Bill C-6, sanctioned on April 13, 2008, FLEXDECO applies the 10 principles set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). For more information on your rights and responsibilities with respect to this legislation, please visit the following website:

Please read the full version of FLEXDECO’s Privacy Policy.


FLEXDECO inc. (hereinafter referred to as FLEXDECO, and composed of the company itself and / or all trademarks marketed by the company) applies the 10 principles set forth in The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, which consists of the following elements: following responsibilities and are maintained by the Privacy Officer.

The Privacy Officer ensures that all responsibilities are understood and followed by the organization as a whole and responds to each of the questions related to the privacy policy of a client / prospect / consumer / employee / other.
FLEXDECO protects any personal information that the organization has in its possession through its internal support systems and firewalls. The personal information of a customer is never transferred to a third party without the specific consent of the latter.

FLEXDECO is responsible for all stipulations set out in the company’s privacy policy.

FLEXDECO collects customers’ personal information as follows:
1. To open an account (a credit application is completed):
The information collected includes: first and last name, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, website, banking institution with contact (s), type of business, date of incorporation, suppliers, etc.

This information is used to ensure the proper operation of the order process and the effectiveness of the delivery of our product (s) and service (s).

The information collected is transferred to the corporate network, which can be viewed by all employees, however only the accounting department has permissive access to change retailer network information.

2. For marketing purposes:
The marketing department regularly sends information in the form of press releases / promotions, etc., via e-mails / advertisements / faxes / mailings, etc., to their retailers / prospects / consumers for their look for events / promotions / product or industry information that could be beneficial to these people.

FLEXDECO always offers the retailer / prospect / customer the option of no longer receiving these communications.

Retailers are added to the FLEXDECO list as soon as they are considered authorized FLEXDECO retailers.

Retailers are made aware of the addition of their information to the FLEXDECO list as soon as they send us their completed credit application forms.

Prospects / consumers / users can register themselves in the FLEXDECO database via several online resources, such as one of the FLEXDECO websites. It is understood that after submitting the registration the prospect / consumer / user agrees that his / her information is added to the FLEXDECO database.

However, each time we contact the prospect / consumer / user, they will have an option to stop receiving these communications if they wish.

Purpose of the marketing data collection:
Inform retailers / prospects / consumers / users through various forms of marketing, new products, existing products, brands, services offered, news, promotions and events in the heating and / or general interest industry for the consumer. The marketing department will use a variety of personal information only, provided by an individual to FLEXDECO, for the purpose of receiving documentation / promotions / etc., In relation to marketing, unless the customer decides otherwise and therefore provides are consent. All personal information will be collected via email / internet / fax / phone / mail.

Each FLEXDECO internet marketing / email promotion will contain:
FLEXDECO’s Privacy Policy with information on who to contact for answers to questions.
A procedure to stop receiving promotions / other initiatives from the marketing department.
A procedure to correct personal information.
A procedure to send us comments.


Before becoming a retailer, each new distributor receives a FLEXDECO credit application form. On the back of this credit application form, it is stipulated that all new distributors / retailers will be part of the FLEXDECO database (read the privacy policy found online at www. However after the receipt of the first email / fax / other marketing communications, the retailer may decide to withdraw from the marketing database at any time by contacting FLEXDECO by phone, fax, email or on the website.


Consent occurs when the application form is completed.


FLEXDECO will only collect the relevant information to proceed with the delivery of its products. In the case of marketing materials, only relevant information for the delivery and tracking of marketing materials will be collected (as little as: name, company name and email – as much as: name, company name, address, phone, fax, email).


Personal information about the dealer / prospect / consumer / user will be used only in the following circumstances:

Proper operation of the order and delivery process.

Effective communications with events, promotions, promotional materials, catalogs, press releases, advertisements, other forms of marketing, etc.

To facilitate all communication requests by the retailer / prospect / consumer to FLEXDECO.

No client information will be disclosed for reasons other than those stipulated above.

The retailer / prospect / consumer / user information can be changed / updated at any time.

Retailers / prospects / consumers / users may request that their information be reviewed / updated if they wish. As soon as they communicate with FLEXDECO due to a change of information, all changes will be made within 48 hours.

For a retailer / prospect / consumer / user to receive the list of information held by FLEXDECO, the retailer / prospect / consumer / user must contact FLEXDECO by email, fax or telephone. FLEXDECO will make sure to send the requested information. Clients should contact the Privacy Officer for any personal information as outlined above.


At FLEXDECO, customer information is protected as follows:
a) Limited access to those who deal directly with the accounts.
b) FLEXDECO computer system, firewall, etc.

These two precautions ensure that the information is used and properly disseminated throughout the organization (FLEXDECO), enabling an efficient process for ordering and information transfer.

The customer may request at any time a copy of FLEXDECO’s privacy policy. It is available on the FLEXDECO website and on all FLEXDECO related websites and can also be sent by all FLEXDECO employees. All retailers are informed of the privacy policy through the credit application form on which it is stipulated.

All prospects / consumers / users will be informed of FLEXDECO’s privacy policy as it will be accessible on the company’s websites as well as through a link inserted in all e-mail messages.

At any time, retailers / prospects / consumers / users may request their personal information. These individuals may only request specific personal information kept by FLEXDECO. Individuals other than the one who has consented to be part of the FLEXDECO database will not have access to information from other members registered in the database.

If, at any time, an individual believes that FLEXDECO has not respected its privacy responsibilities, a formal complaint may be filed if required.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Policy Officer.

Stéphane Lettre
450 442-2999



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