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Economic, healthy, comfortable and modern

This section introduces you to all the FLEXDECO products needed to design the floor heating system of your decoration project.


Economic, healthy, comfortable and modern

Several advantages justify the installation of a radiant electric heating floor system. And if we talked about decoration and design? Imagine a space free of baseboard heaters or wall convection heaters? Inspiring reflection for your decorating ideas, is it not?
Timeless, safe and easy to install, the FLEXDECO floor heating system will transform your living space from head to toe. Imagine!
An energy efficient choice
REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION. The radiant heat electric floor heating system is an energy efficient heating solution. It allows you to reduce your electricity consumption compared to conventional systems such as electric baseboards or wall mounted heaters.
Environmentally favorable to a better lifestyle
TAKE YOUR HEALTH TO HEART. Because you care about your health and that of your loved ones. FLEXDECO offers an environment conducive to a healthier lifestyle for several reasons. Indeed, the floor heating system does not move germs or dust, effectively reduces the amount of allergens particles in the air, does not dry the ambient air, is free of electromagnetic fields, and does not emit any odor.
A Living space with warmth, comfort and well-being
GIVE HEAT, COMFORT AND WELLNESS. The FLEXDECO floor heating system heats the environment quickly and evenly, regardless of the size of the room. It helps to create a healthy and warm living space where life is good in the comfort of your home.

In floor heating: heating cables, uncoupling membrane and thermostats

FLEXDECO offers you a complete range of high quality products for the in floor heating of your decoration project. Our products are compatible with a multitude of floor coverings such as ceramics, porcelain, natural stone, engineered wood, floating floors, linoleum and vinyl flooring. Visit your home decor or floor shop or your authorized FLEXboutik dealer.


FLEXDECO offers you 3 thermostat models and an expansion unit for their sleek and modern design that will meet your needs.

Touch screen programmable thermostat

This thermostat for in floor heating is elegant and modern.

Basic programmable

A simple programmable thermostat, reliable and economical.


This non programmable thermostat for in floor heating is simple and very easy to use.

Expansion unit

The expansion unit is ideal for very large surface area projects.



Our uncoupling membrane is specifically designed for the FLEXDECO heating cables


The installation is the first choice alternative to the uncoupling membrane.



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25 year warranty or Life time ! *

* The Lifetime warranty is valid when you purchase the cable at an authorized FLEXBOUTIK retailer and have it installed by an certified installer.

Conditions apply.