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Uncoupling membrane offers numerous possibilities


Uncoupling membrane

Our uncoupling membrane is specifically designed to receive our FLEXDECO heating cables. Its uncoupling, moisture barrier and load distribution properties will significantly reduce the possibility of tiles cracking.
Uncoupling membrane installation
The membrane allows you to install the heating cable and tiles on the same day. It is quick and easy to install. It only requires a few very common tools. In addition, it requires no maintenance once it has been installed.
Safety even in a wet environment
It’s important to know that your safety comes first even in damp or wet environments. Electric radiant heated floors are designed for such environments and pose no problem whatsoever. FLEXDECO cable is CSA Canada and USA approved.
Area covered by the membrane
The membrane is available in rolls or sheets. Each roll covers 161 ft². While a sheet covers 8.9 ft²
Level between floors
Because the membrane is very thin (5.5 mm) the transition between the floors will be almost seamless.
Our membrane is perfectly compatible with ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.
Plywood with membrane
The use of our membrane can replace the purchase and installation of a second plywood surface and thus save costs to your project.
Uncoupling and floor heating
Located between the subfloor and the floor covering, the uncoupling membrane is flexible. It avoids many of the risks associated with the cracking of flooring such as ceramic tile, porcelain and natural stone which are often used in projects with heated floors. It absorbs and reduces stresses, lateral forces and vibrations on the floor covering.


Universal installation strips ™

FLEXDECO’s universal fast-action installation strip ™ is an excellent alternative to the uncoupling membrane.

It can be adhered to most surfaces and allows quick installation of the FLEXDECO cable. It is offered in packs of 20 strips. It includes a glue stick and covers approx. 32.5 sq. Ft.



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25 year warranty or Life time ! *

* The Lifetime warranty is valid when you purchase the cable at an authorized FLEXBOUTIK retailer and have it installed by an certified installer.

Conditions apply.