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FLEXSnap | Cable Installation system for Heating Floor

Cable installation system for underfloor heating


Do you want a solid and durable floor? FLEXSnap is the choice par excellence!

FLEXSnap allows you to install a heated floor system and flooring in one day! Synonymous with flexibility, strength and speed, this is the optimal way to install your floor heating.

Effectively prevents cracks and breaks


Great flexibility in choice of flooring types

FLEXSnap allows you to choose from many types of flooring.  It is also able to let you create a naturally comfortable living space. A vast majority of floorings are compatible and even natural stones can be a source of comfort.

Superior resistance against deflection


A solid thermal mass unique in itself

FLEXSnap has superior thermal mass properties to that of the membranes on the market. The cables are laid in a solid mass of self-leveler. For the warmth, this thermal mass will evenly distribute the heat with any type of flooring.

Smooth transition between flooring types


In perfect harmony with generated savings

FLEXSnap has a lower installation cost per square foot compared to the membranes on the market due to the fact that it will replace the need for a second layer of plywood.  One of the other great benefits is that it could be reused when replacing the flooring.


Wide Choice of Floorings
  • Any floor covering is compatible, except harwood and cork
  • Natural stones require the installation of a second plywood
  • Check the compatibility of your choice with the retailer
HighThermal Properties
  • Thermal mass properties superior to membranes
  • Ultimately, self-leveling reacts just like concrete covered with a floor covering
  • FLEXSnap™ creates a dense and solid heated mass
  • Retains and releases heat over a long period of time
In Savings Mode
  • More economical per square foot than membranes on the market
  • Installation of a second plywood is required only under certain conditions
  • Very easy to install, which reduces installation costs
  • Some examples of self-leveling products with excellent value for money:
    • Mapei Novoplan SP
    • Proma Pro Plan CG
    • Solhydroc Solidflow FS
  • Possible to maintain integrity during subsequent renovations

24 in x 24 in FLEXSNAP mesh


A heated floor without back pain! FLEXGlide™ is fully compatible with FLEXSnap. It allows FLEXDECO surface type cables to be installed quickly and efficiently while standing; simply screw it onto the end of a standard handle (like a broom) and insert the FLEXDECO cable into it to install the heating cable in the FLEXSnap mesh.

Its caster harmonizes perfectly with the trellis in order to ensure an easy and uniform installation of the heating cable, even during changes of direction and bypassing obstacles.


Flextherm is proud to
offer you the
Hassle-free FLEXSnap guarantee

As of March 1, 2020, Flextherm guarantees to the original purchaser, the viability of floor compositions that incorporate FLEXSnap products, a Flextherm or FlexDeco brand heating cable and a cement base self-leveling underlayment, for the uses intended by Flextherm, for a period of 25 years, for as far as the instructions contained in the technical data sheets of the materials, installation guides of all manufacturers, including the instructions for preparing the substrates and any other relevant literature, have been respected.

For full details, see the warranty text on this page (25 year limited warranty).



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25 year warranty or Life time ! *

* The Lifetime warranty is valid when you purchase the cable at an authorized FLEXBOUTIK retailer and have it installed by an certified installer.

Conditions apply.